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After his Delhi Belly outing last year, actor-comedian-musician Vir Das has been shooting non-stop for his upcoming films. “I’ve shot for 290 days after Delhi Belly released! I wrapped up my last film just three weeks ago,” he says.

Bagging lead roles in all his forthcoming movies, Vir has explored different genres in each of them. “I have done comedy in Super se Ooper while Amit Sahni ki List is a rom-com. Then there is Go Goa Gone, an action comedy and India’s first zombie movie, Golu and Pappu which is a family entertainer and Raakh, a serious drama film,” he says. Vir, who had to lose 11-12 kilos and speak with a Bhopali accent for Raakh, adds, “I’ve barely smiled through the film, there’s… It was very different from what I have done before.”

He had to change a lot to become an actor, says Vir. This includes getting in shape and learning how to dance. “I’ve shot for 20 songs in the last one year and I’ve danced in most of them! I think I had two left feet until last year and now I have half a left foot!” he laughs.

Vir is also busy with Weirdass, his one-stop comedy consultancy that is soon going to start producing films and his stand-up show History of India – ViRitten that is going on a world tour soon. Even his band Alien Chutney is launching its first album in October. So how does it feel to do so many things at once? “Honestly, if I had done any career planning, I would have ended up becoming an investment banker,” he says.

Juggling films and stand-up acts, Vir says that they both complement each other. “People who have never seen me do stand-up comedy see me perform after watching my films. And the ones who love my acts are going and watching my films. I always say that one is my wife and the other is my mistress (laughs) and both have been demanding time from me!” he says.